BoundingBox in PostScript output for A4 is too large and the co mputation with its comment are bogus

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at
Sun Mar 10 00:47:58 CET 2024


in fact, the BoundingBox comment is not crucial. It is used if EPS is
included as graphics by a program which does not interpret the PS
code. If you want to generate a file to be sent to a phototypesetter
or to a proffesional printing machine, the boxes should be set in the
PS/PDF code and the %%BoundingBox is irrelevant. If you want to print
on A4 and the elements (photos, background) should touch the edge of
the trimmed page, it should extend outside the final page dimensions
because trimming is never pixel precise. You have to set TrimBox to
the size of the page after trimming, BleedBox to the size where the
material extends so that it goes till the edge of the trimed page, and
MediaBox for crop marks and other information for the DTP studio. My
zwpagelayout package does that.

Zdeněk Wagner

so 9. 3. 2024 v 23:55 odesílatel Karl Berry <karl at> napsal:
> Thanks for the report.  I forwarded your msg to Tom Rokicki. He wrote
> all this (decades ago).
> I believe the idea of rounding up is that, if there is a mark at, say,
> 595.1, and we are restricted to integer bboxes (as we are), then the
> bbox still needs to be 596, not 595, by the definition of bbox.
> I guess I agree that if there is no mark outside 595, the bbox should
> ideally be 595, not 596. But I don't think dvips can know whether there
> is or isn't; it's not a ps interpreter.
> Requiring C99 is not good, in principle.
> That's about all I can think of at the moment. --best, karl.

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