System queries with Lua: l3sys-query

Joseph Wright joseph at
Thu Mar 7 08:13:38 CET 2024

On 06/03/2024 23:02, Karl Berry wrote:
>      --all enables .files in the current directory being read.
> Not just .files, also .dirs and (I presume) .whatevers.

Yes, the help says:

     Include 'dot' entries in directory listing

to cover that. Also applies when using --recursive

> Anyway, what confused me was that . and .. were not reported with --all.
> I expected them to show up, by analogy with ls -a, but it makes sense
> that they're omitted.

For the use case we are largely aiming at (e.g. inputting all .png
files), listing "." and ".." doesn't help. They can always be 'read in'
anyway, as we know they must exist. However, I've no real issue with
adjusting the script: thoughts welcome on what makes most sense here.


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