Memoize in TeX Live

Akira Kakuto kakuto at
Sat Mar 2 04:13:37 CET 2024

On 2024/03/02 11:24, Karl Berry wrote:
> Siep, Akira, all - to summarize the issue, an external Perl is not used
> for programs listed in shell_escape_programs, per runscript.tlu:649 (not
> is_restricted_progname).
> So ... when TEXLIVE_WINDOWS_TRY_EXTERNAL_PERL=1, why not try the
> external Perl for executing shell_escape_programs? After all, if a user
> can create a problematic perl in PATH, they can already do anything they
> want to circumvent TL's safety measures. Am I missing something obvious?

I'm not sure, but I vote +1 for removing
(not is_restricted_progname) in runscript.tlu:649.


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