TL2024 from .iso fail under cygwin (win11 pro)

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at
Tue Apr 30 09:58:07 CEST 2024

On Tue, 30 Apr 2024 at 04:24, Norbert Preining <norbert at>

> Hi David,
> On Fri, 26 Apr 2024, David Carlisle wrote:
> > no, think of it as a mount point, you would see same if you used a linux
> > curl in wsl2
> Really? If I run in WSL and have curl installed in it, and then run
>         curl ...
> in WSL, I rather rather sure that it will NOT create files in a
> different location than the one passed in.
> You probably meant running a *Windows* curl from within WSL.

er, yes, sorry:-)

also wsl avoids getting the problem by default by not putting the windows
path at the end of the linux one.

> > linux curl would write to its /tmp  not to the windows /tmp which is
> > mounted at
> > /mnt/c/tmp
> That is the other way round. The problem is that the "HOST" curl is used
> in the "GUEST" engine.
> That should actually NOT be done.
> And as far as I remember, WSL(2) is set up in a way that the Windows
> binaries are not automatically available, you have to call them
> explicitely or adjust the PATH.

yes cygwin adds the windows path, probably because, especially in early
it was less complete and you more often needed to mix and match, anyway it
is what it is.

> In the Cygwin case (HOST=Windows, GUEST=cygwin) this seems to be messed
> up because the host's binaries are available (maybe by default).
> I think the best solution is for the TL downloader setup to blacklist
> binaries from Windows when running on Cygwin.

yes if they were explicitly blacklisted or only a normalised path of
/usr/bin was set
then windows curl wouldn't be found and you'd get the existing message for
no wget/curl found
rather than some lower level fail message from windows curl doing the wrong

> Best regards
> Norbert


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