TL2024 from .iso fail under cygwin (win11 pro)

John Collins jcc8 at
Tue Apr 30 01:39:10 CEST 2024

> The reason I don't recommend to try curl is that both, the installer
> and tlmgr look for wget first.  If wget is installed at install time,
> there is no need to adapt tlmgr even if PATH contains the Windows
> stuff.

Not according to my tests, for which I have log files which I am referring to 
now.   If only Cygwin's wget is installed, but not its curl, then the first 
thing the is tried is to use curl to download texlive.tlpdb.xz from a 
repository.  That fails (because curl is the Windows version).  Only after that 
is wget tried, and it succeeds.  The same happens for other downloads.

But if Cygwin's curl is installed, then it gets used for the downloads, which 
succeed.  That's even though the installer reports that both of curl and wget 
are in path.

I've looked at the code in TLUtils::download_file, and that behavior looks to 
me to be the expected behavior.

> There are still differences which have to be documented though much
> less than in the past.
> If there are differences between Cygwin and other systems I prefer to
> look for software solutions first before bothering users.

Isn't one possibility for a software solution to provide a wget.x86_64-cygwin 
binary?  (Someone mentioned that earlier.)  Is there a downside?


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