TL2024 from .iso fail under cygwin (win11 pro)

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at
Sun Apr 28 03:19:53 CEST 2024

On 2024-04-27 at 18:42:05 -0400, Ken Brown wrote:

 > On 4/27/2024 5:53 PM, Karl Berry wrote:
 > >      > You are using Cygwin, and this problem could arise if you haven't
 > >      > installed Cygwin's wget. See the section of the TeX Live documentation
 > >      > about installation under Cygwin.
 > >
 > > It feels weird to me to put in this sort of vague platform-specific
 > > message instead of detecting and/or solving the actual error
 > It could made be less vague by checking for /usr/bin/wget.exe and only
 > issuing the message if it doesn't exist.  The message could then be
 > something like:
 >    It seems you are using Cygwin and haven't installed Cygwin's
 >    wget.

TeX Live can detect the platform reliably, hence "It seems you are
using Cygwin" sounds much too vague.  It can safely be replaced by
"You are using Cygwin".

But the error message doesn't have to tell users which operating system
they use.  They want to know how to proceed.

So something like "No wget found in PATH.  Please install wget." is

There is no need to tell Cygwin users to install wget on Cygwin.
Where else should they install it?

> See the TeX Live Guide....

I definitely prefer a solution which doesn't pollute the TeX Live
Guide and I suppose that a proper error message is sufficient.


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