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> Is it still possible to generate a .ps or .pdf file referencing ONLY
> fonts from the Adobe "35" with font embedding turned off? So that it
> will only be printable on a printer with a suitable Postscript
> interpreter (or via Ghostscript) as it used to be in the Bad Old Days™.
> I can't find any -noembed option, and the -M or -M0 of dvips doesn't
> seem to have any effect.
> Interestingly, due to the progressive enshittification of the search
> engines, it is no longer possible to search meaningfully for the above,
> as all you get are pages telling you how to enforce embedding :-)
> Peter
> It is described in TEXMF/web2c/updmap.cfg, you can either modify
updmap.cfg to make a permanent change or use a command line option
explained in the comments in this file. However, you must be sure that you
use the right metrics which may difer from the one which is avaiable in TeX
Live. For instance, in those old days, Adobe Acrobat v3 used the same Times
and Helvetica as Adobe Acrobat v5 and the same as Hewlett-Packard 4M but
different than Adobe Acrobat v4 (I had to pay a lot of money by garbage
output because I thought that it is not necessary to embed Times Roman). In
addition, a print job can install their own Times, Helvetica, and other
fonts into the device and the fonts can revive thus the output of your
print job will depend on the previous print job unless jyou send the vorret
PJL command to reset the device. Before localized fonts became widely
available, it happened to many times because everybody had his/her modified
base fonts with Czech support and the result of not embedding the fonts was

Zdeněk Wagner
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