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Wed Apr 24 10:22:40 CEST 2024

Hi Joseph,

> There was a question on TeX-sx yesterday about automatically determining
> 'CTAN' (TeX Live really) packages needed by a document. I started on a
> script with the idea of being to use --recorder, parse the .fls file
> then do a lookup for each line to list all of the TL packages needed.
> That would be handy for anyone using a deliberately minimised TeX system.

Yes, this is what I do regularly.

> However, I ran into the issue that
>     tlmgr search --global --file <filename>
> doesn't return anything I can use from a script - try e.g.
>   print("FOUND " .. os.execute("tlmgr search --global --file article.cls")

Not sooooo bad:

First, I would do

	tlmgr search --file /article.cls

which gives on a texlive-full installed system:

$ tlmgr search --file /article.cls

which is not that bad to parse:


I can make a kind of machine readable
format if you want, any preferences?

> It seems that --machine-readable doesn't work here, as it's not

Yes, it is not implemented.

Best regards


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