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Tue Apr 9 18:28:31 CEST 2024

út 9. 4. 2024 v 17:21 odesílatel Peter Flynn <peter at> napsal:
> On 09/04/2024 11:19, Zdenek Wagner wrote:
> > út 9. 4. 2024 v 11:56 odesílatel Peter Flynn <peter at> napsal:
> [...]
> >> Does TL-from-TUG do a test before starting to see if any of the
> >> usual suspects are already working (eg tex, latex, xelatex,
> >> lualatex, kpsewhich)?
> >>
> > No, it doesn't because you can have many versions installed in
> > parallel and can choose by setting PATH.
> Right. But that's an edge case (you and me both). Regular users only
> have one version, and beginners in particular wouldn't a path from a
> hole in the ground, or how to set one.
> > However, TL after installation says that its binary should be at the
> > beginning of PATH which is not done by the installation procedure, a
> > user must do it.
> I suspect most new users neither understand this nor know how to do it.
OK, but Fedora users will always have Fedora TeX distro due to
dependencies. If they are not able to follow installation instructions
for TL, they should not use it or ask someone else to install it for
them. Now tlmgr from Fedora does the right thing, it says that the
user is trying to update Fedora TeX distro by non-Fedora tools which
will not work.

> > What TL does is examination of existence of a previous version and
> > optional copy of the settings.
> OK, thanks.
> Peter

Zdeněk Wagner

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