Handling of dependencies

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Apr 3 21:29:40 CEST 2024

    tcolorbox depends on pgf, tools (for verbatim) and environ
    wrapfig2 depends on float and pict2e
    mathtools depends on amsmath
    minted depends on fancyvrb and upquote
    moderncv depends on fontawesome5, colortbl, academicons, multirow, arydshln

I added all those for tonight. Thanks.

    Or maybe they were optional dependencies (not sure how 
    much this concept exists in texlive) 

Indeed, the concept doesn't exist :). That is, I don't want to add
optional (e.g., engine-specific or option-specific) dependencies. At
present, we have no mechanism for conditional package loading (and no
plans to implement one, either).

    especially since some unlisted dependencies of the packages I use might 
    have been installed as dependencies of previous packages

Sure. I'm not worried about it. We can always adjust the arrangement if
changes turn out to be desirable in practice.  As far as I can imagine,
a perfect dependency graph in TL is not attainable.  The only thorough
solution I can think of is dynamic package loading a la MiKTeX, but to
date no one has been interested in delving into that (certainly

Anyway, thanks again for the list. --best, karl.

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