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Archange archange at archlinux.org
Tue Apr 2 06:16:34 CEST 2024

Le 02/04/2024 à 01:26, Karl Berry a écrit :
>      ! LaTeX Error: File `iftex.sty' not found.
>      ! LaTeX Error: File `pdftexcmds.sty' not found.
>      ! LaTeX Error: File `infwarerr.sty' not found.
>      ! LaTeX Error: File `kvoptions.sty' not found.
> I added those dependencies (r70832). Should be effective after tonight's
> update.


>      Are these missing dependencies of hyperref or of its dependencies?
> Evidently so. (I'm taking your word for it, since these are quite
> plausible. :)

Well they could be missing dependencies of other packages that hyperref 
depends on (e.g. according to the log I had posted, pdftexcmds seems to 
be loaded by pdfescape, infwarerr by refcount, kvoptions by 
gettitlestring…). Or maybe they were optional dependencies (not sure how 
much this concept exists in texlive) for those, but mandatory for 
hyperref (in which case it would indeed be the proper solution to add 
them to hyperref). Anyway, I guess the usage of hyperref is much more 
common than of any of those dependencies by themselves, so it should be 

>      More generally, where should I report issues with missing
>      dependencies when one install a given packages?
> Here.
> We do not (and cannot) make dependencies perfect, much as we would all
> like them to be, but it's no particular problem to add unconditional
> (I'm assuming) ones like this as they come up. --best, karl.

OK, here is a bunch of others for which I’m quite sure they make sense 
(excepted maybe the latest, but compiling a file with moderncv as 
documentclass asked for them):

tcolorbox depends on pgf, tools (for verbatim) and environ
wrapfig2 depends on float and pict2e
mathtools depends on amsmath
minted depends on fancyvrb and upquote
moderncv depends on fontawesome5, colortbl, academicons, multirow, arydshln

They are likely a lot of others (I still have a list of 16 packages that 
were asked for while I’m not importing them myself, but some seems to be 
lualatex specific and I would need to check more thoroughly the others), 
especially since some unlisted dependencies of the packages I use might 
have been installed as dependencies of previous packages (I guess one 
could look at the compilation log of a test file with just one package 
each time — or just read the packages code, since imports are obviously 
listed there).

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