Tex Live suggestions (The TeX Live Guide—2024)

Norbert Preining norbert at preining.info
Tue Oct 31 01:05:57 CET 2023

Hi Andre,

thanks for you suggestions, here are a few answers

> 1) Separate as much as possible the Windows and Unixes-Linux references.

Answered by Karl.

> 2) Try to have a simple install which allows Tex-Live conflict with Linux
> Distros dependencies.
>     Fedora has one,(RPM package)  and it works well

As Karl said, we are installing completely independently from the
distribution packages.

But that does not satsify your request for "conflict with distro
packages". Unfortunately, this is hard to do since we would have to
add considerable code for each and every distribution to check.

Furthermore, this would make is *impossible* to install TeX Live on many
systems, since the distro packages are often required dependencies of
other packages.

The only thing one can do (and what I did provide for Debian based
packages) are so called "fake packages" that install nothing but
provide all the distribution packages.

This is very specific for distributions and cannot be done in general
by TeX Live upstream.

> 3)  Miktex : same thing on Linuxes, because now DVD are rarely used and
> most have internet.

No idea, not using Miktex.

> I have used Latex since the 20th Century, :-)  quite a lot...
> Now I mostly use Fedora with a MATE desktop...like most of the engineers I
> know !

Not going into distro and DE wars, it is completely irrelevant for
the discussion at hand.

> Distribution packages : ideally make sur RPM work on ALL RPM distros
> and .DEB on all Debian packages distros.

We are not building these packages, please report to the respective
package maintainers.

Distro packages are completely out of our hands.



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