Tex Live suggestions (The TeX Live Guide—2024)

Andre Gompel andre.gompel at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 16:40:11 CET 2023

Karl & Al:

1) Separate as much as possible the Windows and Unixes-Linux references.
2) Try to have a simple install which allows Tex-Live conflict with Linux
Distros dependencies.
    Fedora has one,(RPM package)  and it works well
3)  Miktex : same thing on Linuxes, because now DVD are rarely used and
most have internet.
I have used Latex since the 20th Century, :-)  quite a lot...
Now I mostly use Fedora with a MATE desktop...like most of the engineers I
know !
Distribution packages : ideally make sur RPM work on ALL RPM distros
and .DEB on all Debian packages distros.
There  validation program or script would be useful.
   Thanks for thee attention.
Andre GompeL
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