Bug#1052298: metafun broken?

Preuße, Hilmar hille42 at web.de
Fri Oct 27 17:45:03 CEST 2023

On 26.09.2023 23:00, Karl Berry wrote:

Hello all,

>      The files are not in the "minimal distribution" (which includes binaries,
>      fonts etc.), but they are still present in the context zip itself.
> Mojca - by the "context zip" do you mean cont-tmf.zip? I'm guessing not
> .. please advise. Because, as Siep said, the current cont-tmf.zip
> contains only a few scattered remnants of mkii.  No metafun.mpii file,
> for example.
> I poked around on the wiki.contextgarden.net but didn't see the right
> thing. And
> http://pragma-ade.nl/context/latest/ doesn't bring up a directory
> listing, so if there's something there besides cont-tmf.zip, I can't see it ...

Is there some progress for that issue?


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