O/T : linux: can I list which small caps are in a ttf/otf font ?

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Wed Oct 25 09:55:52 CEST 2023

On 25/10/2023 01:47, Ken Moffat via tex-live wrote:
> No problem with linking to it, BUT - I'm not using any latex
> packages for the fonts.  

That's OK, I'm just referencing font resources for users who just want 
the font and aren't specifically looking for a package.

> Thanks. I find the docs, and indeed trying to read fontforge's tiny
> text, hard.  Will have to reinstall it and make another attempt.

The documentation is mostly directed at font designers, not font managers.

> Cheers.  I suppose I ought to start by reading up on the OTF font 
> format.  A quick look at wikipedia suggests the pcap or c2pc tags 
> (lowercase to petite caps, or uppercase to petite caps/0 are part of 
> what I need.

Keep us posted.

> I think I may be some time!
> ĸen


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