O/T : linux: can I list which small caps are in a ttf/otf font ?

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 25 02:47:58 CEST 2023

On Wed, Oct 25, 2023 at 12:05:05AM +0100, Peter Flynn wrote:
> On 24/10/2023 23:38, Ken Moffat via
> tex-livhttp://latex.silmaril.ie/formattinginformation/fontuse.html#otfontsLLe
> wrote:
> > Sorry for asking an O/T question, but I figured this might be the
> > place where people with the knowledge can be found.
> > 
> > I'm slowly updating my documentation of available free fonts
> > (http://zarniwhoop.uk/ttf-otf-notes.html)
> This is really useful, thank you. May I link to it from the fonts section of
> Formatting Information? I have a list there of those OTF/TTF faces for which
> LaTeX packages exist (so can be used immediately by a new XeLaTeX/LuaLaTeX
> user):
> http://latex.silmaril.ie/formattinginformation/fontuse.html#otfonts

No problem with linking to it, BUT - I'm not using any latex
packages for the fonts.  I originally found some of them in texlive,
but many of what I'm now using are different versions (for one or
two, the coverage has changed over the years).

> > On linux, and building from source, does anybody know of packages, or
> > else of guides, so that when I know a font includes Small Caps I can
> > work out which code points are available ?
> I believe fontforge is able to dump all the metadata from a font file,
> including character positions, Unicode code-points, names, aliases, etc,
> *without* dumping the glyph code itself, but I have so far failed to find
> documentation on the the incantation to do this.

Thanks. I find the docs, and indeed trying to read fontforge's tiny
text, hard.  Will have to reinstall it and make another attempt.

> You could also ask on TYPO-L (https://listserv.heanet.ie/typo-l.html)
> Peter

Cheers.  I suppose I ought to start by reading up on the OTF font
format.  A quick look at wikipedia suggests the pcap or c2pc tags
(lowercaswe to petite caps, or uppercase to petit caps/0 are part of
what I need.

I think I may be some time!

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