O/T : linux: can I list which small caps are in a ttf/otf font ?

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 25 00:38:14 CEST 2023

Sorry for asking an O/T question, but I figured this might be the
place where people with the knowledge can be found.

I'm slowly updating my documentation of available free fonts
(http://zarniwhoop.uk/ttf-otf-notes.html) - so far
I've got the "main" (latin/cyrillic) fonts updated to versions which
were current in September, and updated download links. Updating the
'lipsum' files for these to show fonts of a similar type, and
probably also to show the defaults offered by fontconfig in order of
preference. That is some way off, the current files mention the old
position where DejaVu was the default unless people had only
installed Bitstream Vers.

And yes, the layout has become messy.

I've now mentioned SmallCaps in my PDFs of the supported languages
where a font has them - one or two fonts have separate file(s) for
these (e.g. Alegreya) which let me determine which unicode values are
present, but the preferred modern way appears to be to put small caps
in "unmapped" positions, and use the wonders of the font format to
produce them.

On linux, and building from source, does anybody know of packages, or
else of guides, so that when I know a font includes Small Caps I can
work out which code points are available ?



PS - don't believe the linei on that ttf-otf-notes page  about where
to send comments, that mailbox is unused. I thought I'd fixed that.
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