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Sun Oct 22 12:50:09 CEST 2023

Mian, hello.

On 21 Oct 2023, at 7:11, Mian Khalid Rehman wrote:

> *Problem 2: Citation and Bibliography Styles*
> The second issue pertains to citation and bibliography styles. I need to
> adhere to specific citation and reference style guidelines for my research
> paper, which includes using a non-standard bibliography style. Despite my
> efforts, I have been unable to configure LaTeX to generate citations and
> references according to these requirements.

A practical point: Depending on who's imposing these 'guidelines' -- a journal, perhaps? -- it might be that they don't greatly care about the fine details, and that as long as you pick a BibTeX style which is close enough, they won't object.  I wouldn't want to discourage anyone from perfectionism, but it might not be necessary to spend a huge amount of effort here.  (That is, in most circumstances I myself would aim for 'good enough' here, and wait to be told otherwise).

What styles are available, you ask?  There's a good answer at the TeX StackExchange site [1].

StackExchange is a good site, and generally very helpful.  This particular list is more focused on announcements and bugfixes in connection with the technical details of the TeXLive distribution, rather than for general LaTeX help.

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