Request for LaTeX Code Assistance for Research Paper

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Sat Oct 21 20:51:48 CEST 2023

TeXLive contains already a lot of documentation; as a first try just 
open the html files in the texlive/2023 directory.
You might want to search for biblatex, the array package, and pgf/tikz.
There is a very comprehensive book available: The Latex Companion, 3rd 
Edition: Part II
by Frank Mittelbach and Ulrike Fischer.
It isn't really cheap, but it contains the answers to all your questions 
and much more. Maybe you find a previous version in your school's library.
Good luck

Am 21.10.2023 um 08:11 schrieb Mian Khalid Rehman:
> Dear Tex Live Support Team,
> I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to seek your assistance 
> with a challenging task related to the formatting and style of a 
> research paper. I have been working diligently on my project for a 
> considerable amount of time but have encountered persistent 
> difficulties in achieving the desired formatting and appearance using 
> LaTeX. I have come to realize that I need professional guidance to 
> overcome these obstacles.
> The primary concerns I am facing involve two distinct issues in my 
> research paper. I would greatly appreciate your help in addressing 
> these matters. I am confident that your expertise in LaTeX can provide 
> valuable solutions to the challenges I am currently experiencing.
> *_
> Problem 1: Formatting Complex Tables_*
> One of the main issues I am facing involves the proper formatting of 
> complex tables. My research paper contains tables with various 
> complexities, including merged cells, multi-row headers, and intricate 
> column structures. These tables are essential to presenting the 
> research findings, and I am struggling to make them look professional 
> and coherent within the document.
> *_
> Problem 2: Citation and Bibliography Styles_*
> The second issue pertains to citation and bibliography styles. I need 
> to adhere to specific citation and reference style guidelines for my 
> research paper, which includes using a non-standard bibliography 
> style. Despite my efforts, I have been unable to configure LaTeX to 
> generate citations and references according to these requirements.
> Additionally, I am having difficulty in creating graphs and charts for 
> my research paper. I have attempted to write Python code to generate 
> these visual aids, but I continuously encounter errors that I am 
> unable to resolve.
> To facilitate your assistance, I can provide a sample solution that I 
> have found as a reference. By analyzing this sample, you may be able 
> to create LaTeX code that can address my specific challenges effectively.
> Your support and expertise in these areas would be of immense help, as 
> they are crucial for the successful completion of my research paper. I 
> understand the complexity of these problems and the time and effort 
> required to develop solutions.
> I am open to any specific instructions or guidelines you may need from 
> me to provide a solution, and I am ready to provide the necessary 
> details and materials for your assistance.
> Thank you for considering my request, and I eagerly await your 
> response. Your expertise is highly regarded, and I am confident that 
> your assistance will make a substantial difference in the quality and 
> presentation of my research paper.
> Warm regards,
> Mian Muhammad Khalid Rehman

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