TeX Hour: Thu 12 October: 2025 Problems - STEM docs and web

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Last week's TeX Hour didn't happen. It's been postponed to this week -
Thursday 12 October. Here's that announcement again, updated.

By the end of 2025 I’d like both the accessibility and LaTeX communities to
be working together to bring an end to ‘separate-but-equal’ production of
electronic and print STEM documents. This chasm caused difficulties. More
and more writers, readers and publishers know the cost of this unsolved

TeX Hour: Thursday 12 October, 6:30 to 7:30pm BST
TeX Hour URL:
Zoom URL:

MathJax is a brilliant example of how both sides benefit from cooperation
across the digital-print divide. They achieve their stated goal of
“Beautiful and accessible math in all browsers”.

The R-Markdown tool chain is a wonderful example of a community creating
multiple outputs from a single source. Output documents include
presentations, websites and books. Output formats include PDF, Beamer, and
accessible HTML.

I want this TeX Hour to focus on what else can reduce the divide, and
encourage similar software, by the end of 2025. No proposal is too small or
large to be considered, provided we are realistic about what can be done.
More people knowing more about what’s out there would be a good start. I
see LaTeX and web developers having a key role here.

Looking forward to better STEM documents

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