regression in TeX Live 2023 concerning some math characters

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Fri Nov 24 15:02:47 CET 2023

pá 24. 11. 2023 v 14:38 odesílatel Vincent Lefevre <vincent at> napsal:
> On 2023-11-24 14:20:03 +0100, Zdenek Wagner wrote:
> > I started using TeX more than 30 years ago in MS-DOS, then in OS/2 and
> > TEXINPUTS was used the same way as now. Format creation is not
> > special, it just uses the same binary with a parameter asking for
> > format generation and it needs \dump to save it. Anyway, TeX should
> > work in a way as it always worked otherwise it must not be called TeX.
> > Thus you are asking to break backward compatibility which will make
> > troubles for many people who use it as it was always documented.
> This is not documented in the fmtutil(1) man page. Man pages normally
> have a section "ENVIRONMENT" describing the environment variables
> affecting the behavior. The fmtutil(1) man page has such a section,
> but it doesn't mention TEXINPUTS at all.
TEXINPUTS is not a feature of fmtutil but of TeX itself. It is
certainly mentioned in the documentation of TeX. fmtutil just invokes
TeX with engines and formats as requested by the command line options.

Zdeněk Wagner

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