regression in TeX Live 2023 concerning some math characters

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Fri Nov 24 14:20:03 CET 2023

pá 24. 11. 2023 v 13:08 odesílatel Vincent Lefevre <vincent at> napsal:
> On 2023-11-24 10:55:23 +0100, Ulrike Fischer wrote:
> > The format creation is not an installation script. It is a special
> > tex compilation. And I certainly expect that a format takes e.g. my
> > texmfhome or texinputs into account. I actually quite often generate
> > local formats with the development code. And our testsuite generates
> > formats with special settings too.
> This is still a bad idea to use the same environment variable
> for install time and use time.
> So, perhaps the cleanup should be done by the Debian package.
> This is needed, because there is no namespace for the filenames,
> and the end user does not know what could be used internally
> in the future (and even now, the end user doesn't know all the
> internals, so that there could still be a filename clash).
I started using TeX more than 30 years ago in MS-DOS, then in OS/2 and
TEXINPUTS was used the same way as now. Format creation is not
special, it just uses the same binary with a parameter asking for
format generation and it needs \dump to save it. Anyway, TeX should
work in a way as it always worked otherwise it must not be called TeX.
Thus you are asking to break backward compatibility which will make
troubles for many people who use it as it was always documented.

> > In any case: a current LaTeX reads glyphtounicode.tex into the
> > format, so if you have a local one it will be used. If you don't
> > want that, change the name of your file to e.g.
> > vincent-glyphtounicode.tex (and perhaps shorten it) and load that
> > when needed.
> The name glyphtounicode.tex was chosen on purpose in 2021 in order to
> override the system one when using pdflatex, because the system one
> was triggering a bug in Ghostscript[*]. I've done various tests, and
> though this bug may still be present, Ghostscript seems to generate
> small ToUnicode CMaps for the needed characters (the more complete
> ToUnicode CMap generated by pdflatex is dropped, but it seems useless
> in practice). So they is no longer need for any workaround.
> [*]

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