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M. Münch Martin.Muench at
Sun Nov 19 18:51:29 CET 2023

Hi Norbert,

without -pause, Windows likes to immediately close the command window 
after the program finished, while I want to know what was updated and 
whether there was any issue while updating.
The command window was opened by a .bat file, which contained the
tlmgr update --self --all -pause -repository ...
I use a .bat because I happen to misspell things and forget the complete 
repository name and also starting a .bat is much faster and easier then 
typing everything everytime.
(And the GUI does not work because of the not-7-bit-ASCII-key in the 
Yes, Windows - you are probably right about that.



On 17.11.2023 00:50, Norbert Preining wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> First of all, why do you use
> 	-pause
>> Running tlmgr update --self --all -pause -repository ...
> ?
> The message
>> Press Enter to exit the program.
> comes from -pause and is shown before the program exits, independent of
> update or any other option.
> We will look into whether we can improve the message, but it is just
> another corner case on Windows that is painful. Just another on a list
> of 20000+.
> Best regards
> Norbert
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