Update of siunitx went wrong (probably)

Norman Gray gray at nxg.name
Thu Nov 9 01:15:42 CET 2023

Norbert, hello.

If I may jump into this conversation....

Thanks for the very useful explanation.

On 8 Nov 2023, at 23:19, Norbert Preining wrote:

> Which pill do you take?

I can't think of use-cases where the winner wouldn't be:

> - only import packages into TeX Live when (2) AND (3) has happened
> 	possible, not so easy
> 	but many will complain "it is already 3 (THREE!!) days that
> 	the upload is on CTAN but not in TeX Live" ...

I take this is just 'everyone waits for step (5) to happen, with a lag 
of at most a week'.

Self-consistency is a virtue, and this preserves it.

I suspect that the only people who would even notice a few-day gap 
between the release of an update and its appearance in the archive would 
be those involved with the change, such as someone reporting a bug.  But 
they would presumably have out-of-band access to the updated version.  
Or they could just have some patience: it's an archive, dammit, not 

Also, it seems nice if Karl is permitted a day off at least once in a 
blue moon.

Best wishes,


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