Update of siunitx went wrong (probably)

Norbert Preining norbert at preining.info
Wed Nov 8 16:31:03 CET 2023

On Wed, 08 Nov 2023, Uwe Siart wrote:
> No. I wanted to say that even TL gave me an update of siunitx today I
> still have the (one month old) previous version 3.3.7 of siunitx.

Yes, that is to be expected. No actual updates have happened for the
last 4 days.

Please wait a bit longer, I will look into it tomorrow, or Karl before

> If you check the TL repo at tug.org you will find the corresponding
> files in the archive folder dating 2023-11-08. So some sort of update
> has been triggered.

Yes, that is the already mentioned catalogue update. Nothing more.

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