Update of siunitx went wrong (probably)

Norbert Preining norbert at preining.info
Wed Nov 8 15:56:33 CET 2023

Hi Nelson, hi Uwe, hi Ulrike,

On Wed, 08 Nov 2023, Nelson H. F. Beebe wrote:
> the logs of the mirror at tug.ctan.org == ftp.math.utah.edu, and

Indeed, there have been updates to the Catalogue entries that
were carried over into the database and triggered updates.

But none of the files actually contained has changed, so I don't
expect any botched upgrade here.

So to repeat:
- yes, there have been tlmgr updates
- those are only triggered by updates to the catalogue information
  included in the TeX Live packages
- the actual updates will come when either Karl (more probably) or me
  come around importing the updates into svn.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Nelson!


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