Update of siunitx went wrong (probably)

Norbert Preining norbert at preining.info
Wed Nov 8 15:38:36 CET 2023

Hi all

On Wed, 08 Nov 2023, Jonathan Fine wrote:
> All these statements are consistent, if by 'update' he means created by a
> human.

update in TeX Live: new package revision due to import in svn of changes
of packages on CTAN.

> However, tooking at https://tug.org/svn/texlive/?view=log I find new
> revisions apparently authored by karl. Their commit messages are
> 'tl-update-auto' and 'autoupdate'.

These are automatically generated commits of our test/integration system
that runs every night. An actual update looks like

	Revision 68731 - Directory Listing - [select for diffs]
	Modified Thu Nov 2 19:56:14 2023 UTC (5 days, 18 hours ago) by karl
	Diff to previous 68730
	llncs (2nov23)

> Perhaps these revisions gave Uwe and Ulrike an expectation that siunitx
> 3.3.8 would be on CTAN. And Nobert's perception that something is fishy!

My understanding was that Uwe and Ulrike got an *update* of a TeX Live
package (svn increast, something that got installed via tlmgr update ..)
which would be surprising to me, that is the meaning of "fishy".

@Uwe and Ulrike: Can you confirm/explain: did you get an update via tlmgr?

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