Error in Installation Process

M. Münch Martin.Muench at
Wed Nov 8 13:39:25 CET 2023


new Windows 11 installation, trying to install TL 2023.

install-tl-windows.bat -gui

Hitting the "change" button for installation root directory gives this 

error writing "file1f7cdbd5ce0": broken pipe
error writing "file1f7cdbd5ce0": broken pipe
     while executing
"chan puts $::inst "checkdir""
     (procedure "update_full_path" line 6)
     invoked from within
     (procedure "texdir_setup" line 88)
     invoked from within
     invoked from within
".tdirb invoke "
     invoked from within
".tdirb instate !disabled { .tdirb invoke } "
     invoked from within
".tdirb instate pressed { .tdirb state !pressed; .tdirb instate 
!disabled { .tdirb invoke } } "
     (command bound to event)

This is similar to

OK, I tried this then:

install-tl-windows.bat -texdir M:\2023\ -gui

That is accepted, but when hitting the "install" button, I get

Error in startup script
error writing "file247d0101380": broken pipe
   while executing
"chan puts $::inst "startinst""
   (procedure "run installer" line 5)
   invoked from within
   (procedure "main_prog" line 144)
   invoked from within
   (file "V:\tlpkg\installer\install-tl-gui.tcl" line 2117)

I tried the on-line-install and the DVD-install, the "regular" install 
and the installation as admin and also a portable install. I tried not 
to change any path or anything, but always get a "broken pipe".

I do have a back-up of M:\, so I copied the backup to M:\, added 
M:\2023\bin\windows\ to the system path, and can compile my documents. 
This misses file associations and start menu entries and the package 
manager GUI aborts with error "Back end gone. Last command: version", 
and most importantly, without solving the issue I will not be able to 
install TL 2024 when it arrives.

I had been able to install TL 2023 under Windows 11 last year (disk 
formatted, so no left-overs), so I suspect that TL is fine but current 
Windows is blocking something. Might even be some Windows settings.

Any ideas, please?


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