TL ConTeXt in minimal setup

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at
Mon Jul 17 10:20:28 CEST 2023

Hello all,

I'm trying to run ConTeXt from TeX Live in a minimised set up 
( This fails, 
and if I make a local VM to test, I can get e.g.:

<prompt>:~$ context
mtxrun          | unknown script 'mtx-context.lua' or 'mtx-mtx-context.lua'

whereas on my full install this works fine. Both the VM and full install 
are TL'23, the VM is Ubuntu and my own machine is macOS. The file is of 
course there (it's part of the context TL package): any ideas what is 
up? I'm guessing this relates to the fact that ConTeXt does it's own 
file searching.



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