Lualatex output not working right with synctex in TeX Live 2023 (Win)

Benedikt Wilde bwilde at
Mon Jul 3 20:57:19 CEST 2023

I can also confirm this issue. It is different from the bug in TeX Live 
2021, though. Using the test document from last time (attached) I am 
pointed to an empty part of the page, about two thirds down and 
apparently (according to the marking in the TeXstudio/TeXworks PDF 
viewers) shifted to the left. In large documents I find other (still 
wrong) locations, too, especially when seeking figures, but that spot 
about two thirds of the way down the page seems to be the most common.



> Am Fri, 30 Jun 2023 16:58:09 +0900 schrieb Christopher Ayala via
> tex-live:
>> Hello,
>> I am encountering a problem where my lualatex compiled output with synctex
>> enabled is not producing correctly lined up results in both forward and
>> inverse search in vscode (LaTeX workshop plugin) and IntelliJ IDEA (Texify
>> plugin) using Tex Live 2023 under Windows 11. Attached is an MWE. Forward
>> search seems to always point towards the bottom of the document no matter
>> where in the source I'm searching from. Inverse search seems to always
>> point to "1" in my source, no matter where I'm clicking on the preview PDF.
>> The problem is similar to the following previously reported problems:
>> *
>> *
>> At that time, the problem was reportedly fixed in Tex Live 2022. I
>> installed Tex Live 2022 and it turns out lualatex+synctex is working
>> properly in my environments. So it seems the problem returned in Tex Live
>> 2023. I also tried the latest version of MiKTeX and it also has the same
>> problem.
>> Anyone else encountered this issue?
> miktex and texlive 2022 works fine for me, but I see the problem in
> tex live 2023 on windows too.
> -- 
> Ulrike Fischer 
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