Installation sizes (was: Re: How should I deal with packages that require FFI external libraries?

Karl Berry karl at
Mon Apr 24 22:48:18 CEST 2023

Hi Peter and all,

    rk> It's better to say "TeX comes with several thousand fonts".

Several thousand font files, yes, but I think Peter wants to count
"typeface families" rather than individual pfb/ttf/otf files. 

Let's refine the command to skip map/enc/etc. which don't include any
real fonts, and to print all directories, not just those at a given level:
  find opentype source truetype tfm -type d | sed 's,.*/,,' | sort -u >/tmp/e
(The sed command reduces each path to its basename.)

I get 597 names, including arevvn and the like. Clearly still imperfect
(some fonts are missed, some non-fonts are included, some directories
have multiple designs, etc.), but "more than 500 fonts" seems like a
reasonable statement to me, given that "font" means "typeface family".


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