[EXT] TEXMFHOME on Windows

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Sun Apr 9 23:02:08 CEST 2023

On 09/04/2023 16:57, Philip Taylor (RHBNC) wrote:
> I think that said user was perhaps a little naïve — he/she believes
> that all Windows users perform an untweaked install, 

In the case of users with their own laptop/desktop this is largely true, 
I think. Almost certainly not for corporate users, if they are even 
allowed to install non-corporate-approved software.

> such that %SystemDrive" is also the root of %UserProfile%, whereas
> more sophisticated users frequently intervene to ensure that all
> user files are on any device /other than/ %SystemDrive%.
Fortunately I am replying in the case of unsophisticated users.

> [...] I am using something even older than Windows 10 (Windows 7, for
> Very Good Reasons™), and it wots not of "Computer\System\Users".
I wouldn't expect it to. %HOME% was apparently the standard on DOS, and 
therefore got embedded into early Windows, certainly up as far as W95.

> Ah, so you are using Irish (Gaeilge) Windows — I did wonder ...

Nope :-) I don't use Windows at all.

>> I knew there were good reasons not to use Windows :-)
> And there are even better reasons not to use anything else !

Precious few of them, but this is probably neither the time nor place to 
rehearse the articles of thy belief in that respect :-)


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