[EXT] TEXMFHOME on Windows

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Sun Apr 9 16:32:37 CEST 2023

On 09/04/2023 11:45, Philip Taylor (RHBNC) wrote:
> On 09/04/2023 11:29, Peter Flynn wrote:
>> I thought the canonical location was 
>> Computer\System\Users\username\texmf (avoiding the need for C:, D:,
>> etc)
> Highly unlikely, IMHO.  How would Windows know that "Computer" was to be 
> replaced by something more meaningful, why "System", and why not 
> %username% ?

Sorry, my all-lowercase username was meant to be replaced by the user's 
actual username. But don't ask me why Computer and System :-) that's 
what a Windows user told me (in good faith) and I believe it is true, 
via some kind of alias or soft link. I touch not the Windows.

> I would suggest either
>   * %homedrive%%homepath%\texmf
>       o /or/
>   * %userprofile%\texmf

That's useful, thanks.

On 09/04/2023 12:51, Siep Kroonenberg wrote:

 > The windows version of $HOME is %userprofile%. TEXMFHOME is by
 > default set to %userprofile%/texmf, which is indeed usually
 > C:/Users/username/texmf.

OK, thanks. I think I understand now.

I wonder what happened to Computer\System\Users\... or maybe that was a 
Windows 10 thing now dropped.

 > The user has to create both this directory and its subdirectory
 > tex/latex, according to the TDS.

Right. I recommend duplicating the distribution texmf tree, which is 
overkill but does at least ensure that all the expected subdirectories 
are present. But if ../tex/latex is sufficient to make it work, that's 
much easier.

 > Beware that Windows Explorer may display a localized name instead of
 > 'Users', e.g. 'Gebruikers'. I am not sure whether the actual
 > directory name is ever localized.

Good point, thanks.

I knew there were good reasons not to use Windows :-)


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