Nitpicking about texlive-de.pdf

Martin Münch Martin.Muench at
Wed Apr 5 11:23:13 CEST 2023

In there are 
six cases of "??" (i.e. broken links).

Additionally by chance I found:

Section 10.13, page 91: "Zusätzlich wurden einige Plattformen von der 
DVD (einfach um Platz zu sparen), können aber über das Internet 
installiert werden." Die Plattformen wurden >>entfernt<< (fehlt), oder?

Section 10.14, page 92: "afm2tfm makes" dt.: "macht"

Section 10.15, page 92f.: "basiertjetzt" -> "basiert jetzt"
page 93: "konsisten" -> "konsistent" (and please add a \linebreak two 
lines after the "konsisten")
"in in" -> "in"
"Modus(updmap" -> "Modus (updmap"
"; Neu" -> "; neu" (twice)

Section 10.16, p. 94: "vier contains four GUI Programme sind jetzt 
enthalten" remove "contains four "

Section 10.17, p. 95: "ist der der eingeschränkten Befehle, die 
standardmäßig verfügbar sind"
-> "und wurde hinzugefügt zur Liste eingeschränkter Befehle, die 
standardmäßig verfügbar sind"

"Neue Primitiveexpanded" should have a space between "Primitive" and 
"expanded" (two occurrences of "Neue Primitiveexpanded"!) and there are 
two significantly overfull hboxes and one occurrence of the "??" is on 
that page.

Section 10.18, p. 96: "in LuaTEXmöglich" -> "in LuaTEX möglich"

Section 10.18, p. 97: one overfull box ("auch"), missing samepage or 
goodbreak at "LuaTeX:"

10.21, p. 102: There are people on the web which call for help, because 
they do have a 32bit Windows release and need to install TeX Live. 
(Windows 8.1 was supported by Microsoft until this January, Windows 10 
will be supported until end of 2025.) And the Windows XP people need TeX 
Live 2017. (Well, in the first place they need a different OS, of 
course.) So, maybe point them to
to at least get some (old) distribution? Would also apply to page 7 and 
to the versions of texlive.pdf in other languages.

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