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peacecop kalmer: kalmer at
Thu Sep 29 14:59:52 CEST 2022

Is it possible to use /BigBlueButton/ without having an account? Is it 
possible to keep rooms always open?

Is it possible that all the users in a room share their screens at the 
same time?

How does /BigBlueButton/ share bandwidth? It costs a lot to have at 
least 250 Mb / s bandwidth for the server machine. i only have 50 Mb / s 
which might not be sufficient for serving /BigBlueButton/.//

For /Jitsi/, one does not have to install anything although it is 
possible. we can just go to<room name>.

On 29.09.22 15:29, damien at wrote:
> Try BigBlueButton.
> Free if you install it on your server (but you need a larger bandwidth 
> than the usual one).
> OpenSource project, I used it for my lessons during the lockdowns 
> (this means somehow 16 months). And I teach in secondary school, so I 
> do need a good working interface that can be used by young pupils.
> Works better than Jitsi, because it is designed for large groups 
> (protocol used by Jitsi divides the bandwiths amoung users, so the 
> more users, the more problems).
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