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Thu Sep 29 14:29:37 CEST 2022


> Anyway, if you develop an alternative to zoom which will be equally
> stable and available at reasonable price, I will probably switch to
> it.
> Zden?k Wagner

Try BigBlueButton.

Free if you install it on your server (but you need a larger bandwidth 
than the usual one).

OpenSource project, I used it for my lessons during the lockdowns (this 
means somehow 16 months). And I teach in secondary school, so I do need 
a good working interface that can be used by young pupils.

Works better than Jitsi, because it is designed for large groups 
(protocol used by Jitsi divides the bandwiths amoung users, so the more 
users, the more problems). The only trouble is with safari, that doesn't 
implement well the protocol.

Just my two pennies, sorry if I missed something already said on this 
quite long thread.

Damien Thiriet

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