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It is not about professionalism. It is about the system. As stated 
before, i really would prefer using FOSS-/Android/ instead of the 
proprietary version. Meritocracy that is used for creating FOSS means 
that functionalities would be implemented that are necessary to solve a 
problem or sometimes to have fun instead of getting likes from a 
majority and forcing them to use it for creating profit. Of course, i 
prefer if something has been done by a professional. Do i get you right 
that you call developers of /tex-live/ amateurs? On the other hand, how 
many discoveries have been made by amateurs if they are not limited by 
the rules of their employer? Usually, there are style, security, 
usability and other guidelines if FOSS is large. FOSS-development is a 
great example of a sharing society where i want to live. Therefore, i 
wish the same way to be implemented in every branch: also in producing 
cars and clothes. There have been made efforts for open-source hardware 
design. i do not accept the current reality which is FOS without the 
other /S/ or financial slavery system. It only works because so many 
people accept it. Once people stop accepting it the system can be 
replaced. Therefore, all the people who accept proprietary system are 
enemies of sharing society. i also think that people thriving for 
sharing society cannot change that as people are built so. Is the 
technical construct called human designed by an amateur or a professional?

On 28.09.22 19:06, Philip Taylor (Hellenic Institute) wrote:
> On 28/09/2022 16:34, peacecop kalmer: wrote:
>> i am not a protector of /Jitsi/. you can offer a better alternative 
>> as long as any proprietary software is excluded and your offered 
>> software is FOSS.
> Do you drive a car created by amateurs, Kalmer ?  Watch a television 
> created by amateurs ?  Wear clothes created by amateurs ?  In fact, is 
> there any aspect of your life other than software in which you prefer 
> the efforts of amateurs to those of professionals ?  I think it's time 
> that you woke up to the realities of life.
> -- 
> /Philip Taylor (who uses whatever works best for the task in hand, no 
> matter by whom created — Adobe, ///////Hàn, Kew, /Knuth, Microsoft, 
> //Rahtz, Tantau, van der Veer, Wicks, ...)./
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