Rethinking TeX in STEM: Online Thu 29 Sep: 6.30pm BST (UK time): From the TeX Hour

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Wed Sep 28 18:27:46 CEST 2022

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> On 28/09/2022 16:34, peacecop kalmer: wrote:i am not a protector of Jitsi. you can offer a better
> alternative as long as any proprietary software is excluded and your offered software is FOSS.
> Do you drive a car created by amateurs, Kalmer ?  Watch a television created by amateurs ?  Wear
> clothes created by amateurs ?  In fact, is there any aspect of your life other than software in 
> which you prefer the efforts of amateurs to those of professionals ?  I think it's time that 
> you woke up to the realities of life.
Philip, your comments constitute the typical response of critics and detractors that are mostly
ignorant of life around them.  Albert Einstein did not come up with his Theory of Relativity 
by being part of some professional entity.  Neither did Andrew Wiles or Grigori Perelman.
Charles Darwin did not care about the approval of his peers when he published his Theory of 
Evolution.  It was the professional community which was ignorant, and not the other way round. 

The problem with many who call themselves professionals is this.  They are simple humans who 
are incapable of saying "I do not know".  They are incapable of evolving to better being, but
have decided to take the path that returns them back to being monkeys.  Their existence is 
simply based upon imitation.

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