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Using proprietary things can lead to further extermination camps as 
using proprietary things the user supports their owners who are there to 
gain profit and maximizing profit maximizes inequality as there are 
people who work non-profit. Furthermore, owners of proprietary things 
have resources to govern others. If the owner is just then also others 
can benefit from the owner's profit. If the owner is not just then the 
owner can suppress others up to extermination. Is /Zoom/'s owner just or 
not? On the contrary, if we use FOSS then we do not support someone's 
profit but people who create value for us. That brings to another 
question: Are we just or not?

i read from the conversation below that referencing was asked for 
reasoning the connection between using /Zoom/ and suppressing people in 
China. A rhetoric question was asked in reply whether referencing would 
also be asked for suppressing Jews. Of course, Adolf Hitler did not use 
/Zoom/ and we cannot find any reference for something that did not exist 
that time. Some people even doubt that /Holocaust/ ever took place 
regardless of many references from authorities. This brings to the 
further thought that an authority for someone is not an authority for 
someone else. Winners tend to write history. Now, a war is going on 
between proprietary and open-source software. If the former would win 
then we would need to dance according to the music of the owners of 
proprietary software and eventually get suppressed and exterminated if 
not needed anymore. If the latter would win we would dance according to 
the music chosen of our own and have access to resources we need 
regardless of the business plan of the owner. There is still a catch. 
Without electricity, none of it works. And electricity costs three times 
what it costed a year ago. This is because producing electricity is a 
proprietary thing. Would we live in a sharing society already if 
producing electricity would be open-source?

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>>> Am Tue, 27 Sep 2022 12:05:49 +0200 schrieb Christopher Dimech:
>>>> Would you have required reference from authority source to the Jews you
>>>> found as you entered the extermination camps in German-occupied Europe.
>>>> Or reference from the people who sufferred frem the Soviet Gulag System.
>>> Misusing the horror of the extermination camps to make a petty
>>> argument against a software is inacceptable and disrespectful to the
>>> victims of these camps.
> -- 
> -- 
> Christopher, this is not the forum to be talking about extermination 
> camps in any circumstances. It is way off topic from the initial 
> discussion on Zoom and free software alternatives. I do understand the 
> point you are making in regards to the use of alternatives but not 
> when it comes to the atrocities that happened at these camps.
> I would ask that you apologise for your comments on this list and 
> refrain from using these in the future
> Keiran
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