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Tue Sep 27 21:14:55 CEST 2022

Let me agree to disagree! i have used /Jitsi/ with my pupils and in 
Estonia the groups are large - 24 pupils. Sometimes people using /Mac/ 
have had issues but i /Mac/ really isn't a way to go as it's for people 
who have options to pay a lot.

As about /Zoom/, sometimes other parties don't hear me and i have to 
write in chat. i have even given up to use its desktop version as it 
seems to constantly have sound issues, so i always use /Zoom/ using a 
web browser. That way, it's probably also possible to record meetings on 
the client side on proprietary /Android/. /Zoom/ has limits: free usage 
for up to what was it - 45 minutes? /Jitsi/ has not time limit and is 
always free. /Jitsi/ also makes it possible to have rooms constantly 
open. Everyone can enter them anytime and leave anytime. One does not 
have to schedule meetings. Only sharing screen on /Android/ crashes the 
application which is a shame.

On 27.09.22 07:22, Uwe Ziegenhagen wrote:
> Am Di., 27. Sept. 2022 um 00:04 Uhr schrieb peacecop kalmer: 
> <kalmer at>:
>     i have been a pretty heavy user of Jitsi <>
>     since 8x8 was free to use and i adore it. Sometimes, somebody
>     cannot share their screen or sometimes my voice sounds robotic
>     however most of the time, it just works fine.
> I have used every tool available and there is one thing to say about 
> Zoom: It just doesn't work most of the time, it works all the time, 
> while e.g. Jitsi constantly had issues when you were just too many 
> users in the call or too many user had their video disabled.
> I sometimes work with technically not-so-advanced people, here the 
> "just click, it will work" way of Zoom is a necessity.
> Uwe
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