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Tue Sep 27 11:20:33 CEST 2022

Karl Hammar:
> Zdeněk Wagner:
> > čt 22. 9. 2022 v 17:17 odesílatel <karl at> napsal:
> ...
> > > Isn't it possible to do pre-press with PostScript ?
> > Generally, PDF/X is required but anyway, do you know a tool which can
> > check the font size, font embedding, line width, color space,
> > resolution of bitmap images, black overprint and optionally convert
> > the color spaces using ICC profiles in postscript?
> Ok, regarding line width I can go the route as outlined below which
> is clearly batch oriented.
> I sure I can do the same for font size and probably the other
> things also if and when I can understand the terminology you use.
> Since postscript is a programming language, I can add another
> level of indirection, e.g.:
[ etc. ]

I showed that you can without much problem extraxt information about
PostScript files by adding some code to it. I guess there is a long
way to make it solve the voiced pre-press problems, but:

. is there any interest in this ?
. should I just drop it ?
. if there is interest, should I move the discussion to texhax ?

/Karl Hammar

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