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i have been a pretty heavy user of Jitsi <> since 
8x8 was free to use and i adore it. Sometimes, somebody cannot share 
their screen or sometimes my voice sounds robotic however most of the 
time, it just works fine.

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> For something befitting the education of technically capable people, one thing is to reject Zoom.
> Zoom is unjust, because it requires users to run nonfree  programs, mistreating and limiting users.
> Zoom lied to users for years about its software's encryption capability and security. It also
> installed malware to override security features of some browsers.
> Besides sending personal data straight te Facebook, Zoom enforces Chinese censorship against
> those who voice its murderous repression of protests.
> Please rethink that !
> Christopher Dimech
> Administrator General (Gnu Project)
> Do you have any suggestions for a substitute?
> Open Source evangelist that believe there is only one god should show the way.
> There are many quarters of the software space where there is no OS equivalent -- try
> pre-press, for example. There are no open source software that can determine the color
> spaces of a PDF file.
> Paulo Ney
> Paulo, I thank you for your question.  Remember that since 2013, Gnu runs the computing needs of
> the International Space Station.  When one is in unfamiliar territory, you can only progress
> consciously by seeking the assistance of a local guide.  For one thing, calling us "Open Source
> Evangelists" show that you have no idea about the people you are talking about.  Saying that we
> are Open Source Evangelists is like saying that "Cows Have Wings" or "If my mother had wheels she
> would be a motorcycle".  Completely wrong.
> You know what happened to Columbus when he went by himself?  He wanted to go to India and
> ended up in America.  Do you know how many thousands of sailors did not even manage to land
> anywhere?  If you go somewhere without any guidance, this is what will happen.  I am not saying
> you cannot do it by yourself, but we do not know how many lifetimes it will take by yourself.
> Not that it is impossible, but 99% of the people will just get lost and washed away.
> There are Jitsi, BigBlueButton and Jami.
> Jami is a peer-to-peer serverless system, which I like.  But if you are at a terrible
> venue, they might have a firewall blocking non-web ports, you have a problem.  Jami is
> able to punch through NATs if you stress it.
> Jitsi also works well.  The Jitsi server is a heavyweight.
> BigBlueBotton also works, but one needs an account somewhere. And again, BigBlueBotton is
> also resource intensive.
> Christopher
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