No ligatures in chapter

Max Chernoff mseven at
Fri Sep 16 03:51:39 CEST 2022

Hi Frank, Harald,

> if it is only happening for the font of a chapter (ie the bold face) it 
> sounds more to me like a font issue. I think I saw a recent EB Garamond 
> update, maybe something got wrong there?

I don't think that it's a font issue (or a luaotfload/fontspec issue for
that matter). This minimal example:

           Ligatures = {Common, Rare},
           Numbers = OldStyle,
           RawFeature = {+ss06},
       \llap{(#1)}\quad - -- --- fi fl ffi ffl
   \seq_set_from_clist:Nn \l_tmpa_seq {
   \seq_map_inline:Nn \l_tmpa_seq {
behaves as expected for me with an up-to-date TeX Live 2022. So I suspect
that there's something weird going on elsewhere in your document.

-- Max

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