No ligatures in chapter

Max Chernoff mseven at
Thu Sep 15 23:47:21 CEST 2022

Hi Harald,

> When changing from LuaLaTeX, This is LuaTeX Version 1.10.0 (TeX Live
> 2019/Debian) to This is LuaHBTeX, Version 1.14.0 (TeX Live
> 2022/dev/Debian) no ligatures are set in \chapter. Also a -- (double
> minus) is not
> rendered as a – (dash). Are there any new options I have to set??
> Within the running text and the ToC everything is fine.
> This is, when using
> \setmainfont[Ligatures={Common,Rare},Numbers=OldStyle,RawFeature={+ss06}]{EB Garamond}
> Other fonts seem to work as expected. Is there a way to repair this?

Assuming that this is a fontspec/luaotfload issue, adding "TeX" to the
ligatures list:

   \setmainfont[Ligatures={Common,Rare,TeX},Numbers=OldStyle,RawFeature={+ss06}]{EB Garamond}
should (hopefully) fix the dash issue. Adding "Required" or "Contextual"
to the same ligatures list might solve the ligatures issue. 

You can also try adding "Renderer = Node" as a font option, although
that shouldn't (in theory) affect anything here.

More likely this is an issue caused by some unrelated package/class, so
preparing a minimal and complete example would help solve the issue.

-- Max

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