Karl Berry karl at
Wed Sep 7 22:58:17 CEST 2022

    why community dont enter gnu unifont and noto in texlive?

As Martin replied, TL (and CTAN) cannot provide every font in the world.
Although "basic" Noto and Noto Math are in TL, all of Noto (that is, all
the variants for all the scripts / Unicode blocks) would more or less
double the size of TL. That is not feasible.

As for GNU Unifont, it is (by design) low-res bitmaps and only intended
as a final fallback font, not anything one would normally want to
typeset documents with. It also would consume a huge amount of
space. Not worth it IMHO.
BTW, the collection-fontsextra is already the single largest (by far)
collection in TL, over 2GB, approximately 25% of the entire
distribution. --best, karl.

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