TeX Hour: Thu 9 Sep - Jekyll + LaTeX compared. Thu 29 Sep - Rethink TeX in STEM

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Tue Sep 6 22:40:29 CEST 2022


The TeX Hour now has a website https://texhour.github.io/ and full details
of future meetings will be posted there. The Zoom and YouTube details are
at https://texhour.github.io/about/.

Date: Thursday 8 September, 6:30 to 7:30 BST (UK time).
Title: Publish with Jekyll and LaTeX compared.
This TeX Hour is about publishing. It compares the process with LaTeX (for
PDF) and with Jekyll (for HTML). This includes installation, authoring and
URL: https://texhour.github.io/2022/09/08/publish-jekyll-and-latex-compared/

Date: Thursday 29 September,  6:30 to 8:30 BST (UK time).
Title: Rethinking TeX in STEM.
This special meeting of the TeX Hour is fortunate to have three special
guests. Peter Williams will speak about Tectonic. Martin Ruckert will speak
about HINT. Dennis Müller will speak about sTeX.

The 29 September TeX Hour has  two parts. The first hour will be
presentations followed by a panel discussion, with audience questions and
contributions. The second hour, which is optional, will be more like a
workshop. If numbers require we will break into small groups of about 8. It
would help if you could register in advance.
URL: https://texhour.github.io/2022/09/29/rethink-tex-in-stem/
Register: https://forms.gle/j5opJ7bjkjDJFYJ98

wishing you happy authoring, publishing and reading

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