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> The existence or non-existence of user groups selling DVDs is beside the
> point. The rules for TL inclusion would not change even if we stopped
> producing our own DVD. We follow the FSF free software definition,
> essentially equivalent to the Debian Free Software Guidelines and the
> Open Source definition. None of these allow a "no commercial use"
> requirement. For example:

I heard back from SIAM.  It's a definite no, they said if money is
exchanged in
obtaining the packages, it's not allowed.  Oh well, so much for making it
for those who publish with SIAM to set up their TeX distribution more
What they have to do now is download from CTAN and find the right spot to
put things.  One thing I learned in graduate school is while professors were
adept at writing in (La)TeX, system administration types they were not.
But a
lot has changed in the 25 years since I was in graduate school, maybe this
not the issue I think it is.

Anyway, I tried.


P.S.  What is up with the awful experience with  Comic Sans?
being played?  Did it get hacked?
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