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> TK> From: Tom Kacvinsky <tkacvins at>
> TK> Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2022 13:29:03 -0400
> TK> Does SIAM prevent the distribution of its packages in TeXLive?  I see
> it
> TK> listed on CTAN, but AFAICT it doesn't appear to be available for
> install
> TK> via tlmgr.
> SIAM uses a non-commercial license:
>    You are NOT ALLOWED to take money for the distribution or use of
>    either one of these files or a changed version of it, except for a
>    nominal charge for copying etc.
> TeXLive cannot distribute NC packages.  I wrote a column about this,
> by the way,

OK, good to know.  Around the same time I sent the message to this list, I
asked SIAM if they'll allow for it - I'm a SIAM member and I mentioned that
TeXLive has a strong following.  I should have added that other societies
allow for distribution of their TeX packages.

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