latexindent on ctan: hopeful restructuring

Chris Hughes at
Mon Oct 24 08:04:41 CEST 2022

Hi Karl,
Many thanks for your email.

> We currently use your executable for Windows. For Mac and all Unixes, we
> just symlink to the main .pl, which should work? I'd rather keep doing
> that than distribute binary executables.

Ok. But, I'm interested to know: what do you do for the biber package
(which is also written in Perl)?

I think it would be convenient both for me and for users to put the
> binaries in a subdir bin/, not just at the top level.

Ok, that sounds very reasonable to me, I'll coordinate with ctan.

Thanks again

(Sorry if that's
> already what you were thinking.) I expect CTAN will be fine with that,
> since other packages do it that way. --thanks, karl.
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