latexindent on ctan: hopeful restructuring

Karl Berry karl at
Sun Oct 23 23:57:00 CEST 2022

Hi Chris,

    My question for the texlive team: is the above going to be ok for
    texlive across the different operating systems?

Well, your listing is basically unreadable to me, but it doesn't matter.
Any arrangement should be fine, I can just adjust the ctan->tl import
script accordingly. I assume the "destination" arrangement in TL would
be essentially unchanged.

    In particular, you'll see that I am hopeful to have standalone
    executables available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows, separated by

We currently use your executable for Windows. For Mac and all Unixes, we
just symlink to the main .pl, which should work? I'd rather keep doing
that than distribute binary executables.

I think it would be convenient both for me and for users to put the
binaries in a subdir bin/, not just at the top level. (Sorry if that's
already what you were thinking.) I expect CTAN will be fine with that,
since other packages do it that way. --thanks, karl.

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